Another brief blog after attending a Wild at Heart conference


So, I read Wild at Heart, didn’t really get it but felt deeply it was something I needed in my life.  So, I got to go to a conference with the author.  It was super good and I hope to go to another someday.  Below is the blog I started afterwords, which was longer lasting than any other blog I’ve done.


My Knytt Stories work, as Headgrinder, and some of my favorite Stories


Knytt Stories is a simple side scrolling game with a heavy emphasis on pixel aesthetics and exploration.  I’ve been making levels for it for the past 3 years, but being the father of 2 children and often working overtime gives me little time to do so, so there is only a hand full of finished projects.  I’ve put this simple wordpress page together to give a place I can share them.  I ask Nifflas, the dude that made this wonderful game and game maker, as well as egomassive, the guy who has made the plus version, if I can compress my work together with the programs so no one has to do any work to play the games, and this is what I’ve done here.  I’ll try to get pictures and other handy info up here eventually.

My levels are focused on a vague story telling style such that the player has to do some thinking to put the story together, which is my favorite kind of story.  Hope you likes.

This is ME until I can do more


I wanted a way to quickly tell people about my actions on the internet, and this is it.  Not much here, and that is how it will be for quite a while, but even a bare room can be a home if it holds the things you love.  Please enjoy.  ;-D